Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Hurm,,my own cd cover..?Interesting right..?Huhu...Actually last 2 weeks we were given a task from Pn.Shima to create our own cd cover and an album. We have to create our album and the album must consist of 10 songs.5 songs are about our self and other 5 songs are about our dream or future. I had named my album and the title of my album is BLUR! Why BLUR...? Actually,when Pn.Shima asked us to create that album, I was blur at that time and that is why I’ve chose that title..Huuu..=) Anyway here are the lists of my songs…

Album title: BLUR!!

10 titles of songs are:

1) Miss Independent
2) Ops I don’t know what to do
3) Unpredictable
4) I’m Innocent
5) I’m in Blue
6) My Golden Dream
7) Who am I in 10 Years
8) My Hot Sport Car
9) My Dream Guy
10) L.O.V.E

And for your information, I had create my own lyric too.. I don’t know how I get the idea to make the lyric but the main thing is I had create my own lyric..Yeaa!=) It was so fun and exciting actually. And for you guys I hope all of you can hit me back about my lyric…Here is my lyric,,L.O.V.E………

Love can be defined as a strong feeling of affection for something,
Love is everywhere in our world,
Love to god, love to family or love to person,
Why people need love..?
Love is important,
Love can fill your heart,
Love can break your heart,
Love can heal your broken heart…
What is love, love is the one that make the world go around,
Love can lift you up and love can bring you down,
Love is the sweetest joy and the deepest pain,
Love is effortless and need work to maintain...

Monday, July 23, 2007


L.O.V.E is the title of my novel..This novel is about love...As we all know love is everywhere in our life..We can love to god,love to family,love to animals as well as to a `person`..Everyone need love..Love is a beautiful feeling that someone can feel when they are in love..Love can fill your heart ,can break your heart and also can heal your break heart..So beware with love..In this novel i`m going to share with you guys what is exactly the meaning of `love`..So buy my novel and i`m very sure that you are going to love it guys..

Monday, July 9, 2007

gmokness zone!!

Wow i got a blog..what a surprise..!!=) actually this is an assignment from my bel evryone are doing their funny because everybody dont have any blog and dont know how to do..huhu..erm,,i guess i have no idea what to write on this page but i have to write someting at least..ok let me introduce name is ainun mardhiah bt mohd saufi and i live in wangsa maju, 19 years old and now im studying in uitm segamat taking accountancy guys out there who know me and want to know me,,watch out my blog is ready to active..!